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American Cancer Society

Community Cancer Care

It is a saddening reality that all of us either know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or have experienced it ourselves. Just as cancer cells multiply and grow out of control, so does the fear associated with the disease. Cancer in the United States has developed into more than just a physical impediment to overcome, it is also mental. With over one million people a year being diagnosed with some form of cancer in the United States, it is paramount that research, education, and prevention are promoted on a national scale. The American Cancer Society has taken on this initiative with their commitment not only to research and education, but also treatment.

The American Cancer Society is the largest voluntary health organization in the United States that has saved over 1.5 million lives in the last twenty years. As a non-profit organization of such size, the scale of service and quality of work is remarkably impressive and organized. With the help of the American Cancer Society, 2 in every 3 people diagnosed with cancer survive a minimum of 5 years. The organization accredits such success to the support and involvement of the American people. From volunteers to donations, the American Cancer Society has made an important impact on the lives of those affected by cancer. To help in this pursuit, Pacific BMW is honored to donate $500. For when communities come together in solidarity, change becomes contagious.

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