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Cinco Bingo & Farewell Maryanne

It’s that time of year when we, Pacific BMW, get to do our annual Cinco Bingo! What is Cinco Bingo? Simple. On the 5th of May, better known as Cinco de Mayo, our BMW Center distributes one free bingo card to any employee that would like to participate and first one to have all their numbers filled and turned into our People Operations, wins a prize! It can get intense at times too. When it comes to competition you bettter come with you’re A+ game because when it comes to winning food gift cards anything goes, except hair pulling. It took 5+ hours to find a winner, but Alicia Defoe from our Courtesy Loaner Vehicle department, ran first to claim her $50 gift card to our local Mexinan Cuisine restaurant at the Americana. Congrats lady!

And also....can you believe this?

32 years and a couple months working for Pacific BMW!


Talk about being commitment! This is how long one of our colleagues worked before retiring on Cinco de Mayo. Her name was Maryanne Lutton and she did it all! From working to sales, after-sales, to administration, Maryanne was like a Swiss army knife, she worked wherever she could make a difference for the dealership. We will miss our dear friend Maryanne but not as much as we are going to miss her impressive costumes for Halloween. Thank you Maryanne and enjoy your free 3 night stay in Las Vegas and the $$$ that you received!!

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