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Employee Appreciation

Declaration of Our Appreciation

Although Employee Appreciation Day is not considered a national holiday, many businesses have taken the initiative to take time out off their busy work schedules, to recognize the hard work of their members. Everyone knows that a business is only as good as its employees, which is why Pacific BMW invests itself back into its workers. We are fortunate at this dealership to be surrounded by hard working and determined people, all who strive to achieve the same goal; customer loyalty. So to give back to the very people who make our business as successful as it is, we organized a day full of food filled activities.

To begin the day, we decided to make our employees a breakfast favorite; pancakes.

Gathered in the community lunch room, we prepared the pancakes from scratch and served them fresh off a hot griddle. After a late breakfast, we treated our employees to the scrumptious Belly Bombs Food Truck. Serving Korean inspired sliders and wings, there was something for everyone to enjoy. From firecracker chicken bombs, to tangy slaws, we had our taste buds working as hard as our members. To top the day off--and to cool things down, we passed out our handcrafted yogurt popsicles. What doesn't scream employee appreciation than a 3 course meal!

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