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We offer a 401k plan with matching contributions to all full-time employees who have completed a full year of employment.


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Learn about our company culture...


At Pacific BMW, we have adapted a "Be A Hello" approach to business. We believe that all of our employees have the ability to positively affect the lives of our customers by simply being a friendly face. Working at Pacific BMW, you will be able to interact with various customers every day and ensure that their needs are met. We seek to ensure that all Pacific BMW visitors leave the Dealership happier than when they came in.

Family-owned business

Pacific BMW has been owned by the Ho Family since 1982. The family is very much involved in the operation of the Dealership and share their passion of the automotive industry with the rest of the world. Having the owners onsite every day ensures that we are working toward creating a better experience for our customers. As a Dealership, we are able to pitch any innovative ideas directly to the decision-makers enabling positive change to happen faster.

Step ahead with advanced technology

The automotive industry is at the biggest turning point in its history. The change in customer-base as well as the advancement in technology are revolutionizing the way auto dealerships do business. Rather than shy away from this revolution, Pacific BMW has made the decision to embrace the change. We have purchased various new computer programs enabling us to be a step ahead of our competition. We are always looking to advance the technology we currently use and welcome any suggestions from our employees. Working at Pacific BMW, you will have a chance to live through the change the automotive industry is currently undergoing.

In the heart of
the city

Pacific BMW is located just 6 miles from Downtown LA in the heart of the city of Glendale. We are part of the historic Brand Boulevard of Cars. Our customers as well as our workforce mirror the diversity present in Southern California. As part of the team, you would be exposed to the diverse community around. With the Americana and Glendale Galleria located less than a mile away, you will be working in a place surrounded by a vibrant community and various things to do.

Center of excellence

For the third time, Pacific BMW was awarded the Center of Excellence award by BMW North America. We are one of 300+ BMW Centers in North America and we were recognized for our performance as a Dealership. It speaks to the customer service we are providing and proves that we are among the top 9% of BMW Dealerships in North America.

Not just a dealership

Working at Pacific BMW is not like working at just any Dealership. We are a luxury Dealership selling and servicing the Ultimate Driving Machine. Everything that we do and provide for our customers has to match the luxury of the product and service we are selling. We want to promote the value of the brand and all of our employees truly believe in the quality of BMW and share the enthusiasm of the product allowing them to serve as advocates to our customers.

It's FUN

Working at Pacific BMW is FUN!! We have been successful in the automotive industry for 35 years and are very aware that our success comes from the hard work of our employees.  As a thank you for all their hard work, we are constantly hosting events and activities to cultivate our culture and ensure that all of our employees feel appreciated. These events range include, among other things, monthly cake days, on-site food trucks, BBQs on Memorial Day and Labor Day, all-you-can eat contests, Bake-Offs and Holiday parties. To catch a glimpse of past and upcoming employee events, visit our Blog!

Walk with the community

At Pacific BMW, we are committed to giving back to the community. As an organization, our primary charitable focus is tackling the problem of homelessness. We are a major supporter of Ascencia whose goal is to lift people out of homelessness and are honored to have the opportunity to make a difference. We also hold annual food and toy drives during the holiday season when our employees are able to offer donations to those in need. We participate in National Denim Day every year to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and hold an additional jean day to support Prostate Cancer research. We have been recognized by various organizations for our involvement in the community, most recently we will be a recipient of the Human Kindness Award awarded to us by the Glendale Memorial Hospital. We are also actively involved with Foster All as well as Chrysalis. 

Staff working


I'm excited to be a part of all future projects big and small. Looking forward to taking on new challenges to help progress the business as needed. We are taking great innovative steps for the future.

— Chi, Property & Tech Mgr

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