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Solar Panels-Energy Channels

Social Responsibility, Renewable Solution

In this day and age, both businesses and consumers are growing increasingly conscious of the world they inhibit. There is no longer dispute over the environmental instability of our decisions, leaving us all accountable for how we chose to move forward. The primary driver of our modern industrial engine has been precious fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas. To harness the electricity from these increasingly depleted fuels, they must be burned; consequently emitting harmful gases that deteriorate the atmosphere. The scale of this operation is the culprit for global warming and air pollution.

The only way we as a society can reduce the effects of unsustainable energy practices, is for each and everyone of us to be personally accountable. Here at Pacific BMW we have taken on that responsibility by following through with the installation of solar panels at our main location. With innovation being at the center of our core values, we have been committed to leading the way in the automotive industry with the implementation of renewable energy platforms. As early as the fall of 2015, our 901 location has been reaping the benefits of its installed solar panels. Continuing the mission we embarked on more than a year ago, Pacific BMW is confident in the direction we are headed towards not only as a business, but as a conscious member of this environment.

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