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Shot of Prevention

Flu season is here again – which means people are lining up to get their flu shot as soon as they can. It’s an estimated 5-20 percent of the US population gets the flu. Leaving tens of thousands hospitalized and thousands dead from flu-related illnesses. Here at Pacific BMW we have given our employees the opportunity to receive the flu shot at no cost to the employee and we gave the vaccinations here on site! 35 brave employees lined up to

receive their flu vaccination which will be good up to the next 12 months.

Less than half of U.S. adults received the flu vaccinations in 2010. Many of unvaccinated adults claimed they do not want to get the shot because of the negative perception of the vaccine. There have been myths that circulated around homes and work places claiming that, “the flu vaccine can give you the flu”. The flu shot can’t give you the flu because the virus it contains has been inactivated. We encourage all employees to receive the flu vaccine yearly, which will prevent spread of the flu to other employees and most importantly, keep you healthy!

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