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Domenic The Legend

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

​​April days in Glendale are hazy and cool as usual. However, walking into the Pacific BMW dealership on Brand Blvd, you feel the laughter warm up the sales room where all our sales staff work and prepare to welcome their next customer. But at this moment on this day, they were not working. They had something else going on...

Domenic Condemi, one of the most successful salespeople at Pacific BMW, announced he decided to take a longer vacation for retirement after working in this dealership for nearly 20 years. This very moment, we tributed to his long-term commitment, all the long hours and immense dedication to his loyal clientele. Domenic is definitely a legend here. ​​

Mr. David Ho, owner and President of this dealership, along with Sevak, Director of the Sales Department, hosted the party and presented him with a really nice watch as a gift. Together, all the sales staff wished Domenic a very happy retirement. He will probably end up traveling around the world and enjoying his family, especially while he visits his home country Italy.

Arrivederci Dom! You will be missed!

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