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Be Healthy, Stay Happy

Employee Health Fair & Lifestyle Worshop

Here at Pacific BMW we understand the importance of keeping our employees happy. We strive to achieve this by treating our workers as family; and as a family, we must look after each other's health and well-being. This all begins with the education and involvement of all of our members in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. To assist in this pursuit, Pacific BMW is hosting a Health Fair on August 18th in the CPO lot from 1pm-3pm.

We have partnered with Health Dimensions to provide you with a vast amenity of services, knowledge, and treats! Ranging from fitness tips, to health services, to lifestyle adjustments, we are hoping to inspire self efficacy among us all. We will be hosting a plethora of vendors such as: Glendale Memorial Hospital with their free body fat testing and carotid artery screenings, Always Right with the complimentary blood pressure screenings, and a Fitness Corner with a putting green and other activities. A healthy lifestyle begins with education, persists with determination, and is achieved with support. By providing each of our members with the tools and knowledge to better oneself with, our entire family strengthens as a whole.

It is no secret that every position at Pacific BMW is demanding in its own way. Whether it be long service hours outside in the heat, or strenuous hours crunched over a desk, all of your positions require immense amounts of energy and focus. So to help ease the strain of these demands, we would love if everyone could join in the Health Fair! To further liven the event, we welcome you all to wear your favorite sports jersey or shirt.

And if that all was not convincing enough, we will be offering free-and very appetizing, Amazebowls!

In addition to the Health Fair, Pacific BMW has partnered with the Employee Awareness Association to host the Living a Healthier Lifestyle Workshops, and the Stress Management Workshop. One will be on August 16th, and the other on August 19th. This event will be located at 12 o' clock in the conference room, where everyone is welcome to join. There will be a number of presenters speaking on behalf of their particular field of focus with the first workshop focusing on the importance of detoxification, healthy and clean environment, and fighting disease from the inside out. While the second workshop is primarily dedicated to stress management.

What makes this event so special is that there will be an opportunity to get your questions answered by a health professional. The greatest difference that rests between a medical and a health professional is that one is trained in medicine, while the other in nutrition. This distinction is significant because medicine fights the results of the problem, while nutrition tackles on the cause. By no means does this suggest that one profession is more valuable than the other, rather it explains why both are equally as necessary. When used together, proper nutrition can reduce the number of people suffering with chronic disease, consequently freeing up the congestion that many medical practitioners experience in their waiting rooms. Nutrition is directly correlated with health, and with the knowledge of how to improve one's nutrition, an individual has the power to take their lives into their own hands. Here at Pacific BMW, we are committed to sharing this wealth of knowledge with our employees, and hope that you all join us in our pursuit!

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