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Revitalized DT Program

Dealership Trainees

Pacific BMW would like to reintroduce the revived dealership trainee program! What began as an experiment over ten years ago, has cemented itself into a modern and established program. The training adopts a HOLISTIC approach to understanding the inner mechanisms of how a dealership is operated. By rotating within the four departments: Administration, Sales, Parts, and Service, our trainees will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive and dynamic perspective on how our dealership business is conducted.

What makes this program so special is its commitment to EDUCATION and INNOVATION. Unlike most companies, Pacific BMW is diversifying our trainees' skill sets by allowing them to explore every aspect of our dealership. Here at Pacific BMW we believe that a well rounded individual will make better informed decisions. By actively engaging oneself in each department, our trainees will expand their breadth of knowledge, ultimately forming new connections that have not been previously made.

The goal of this program is to explore and embrace the interconnectivity of all the cogs in our machine. What we have learned from experience is that Pacific BMW's success is a byproduct of our commitment to collaboration. We understand how truly interdependent each position is to one another. Therefore, we have made the decision to revitalize our dealership trainee program in hopes of further strengthening the cohesion of all our departments. By investing our trainees in a year long program of mentorship, we are investing ourselves in the future of innovation.

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