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July 4th Celebrations


Independence Day is a celebration of our nation's establishment as a free country. Formally cemented in the Declaration of Independence in 1776, America's thirteen colonies were determined to achieve autonomy from British rule. During this period of conflict, the new sovereign states experienced great hardship and bloodshed before developing a unified national identity. The United States was not established overnight, rather it took immense amounts of planning, organization, and pragmatism. Many lives were sacrificed and lost in the fight for independence, and that must also be honored on this day of celebration.

Here at Pacific BMW we are truly proud to be part of a country that was established on the basis of democracy and compromise. We are fortunate to be a part of a system that allows room for change, for it is that commitment to progress that established the United States as a modern nation. If it wasn't for the relentless pursuit of what was considered just an idea at the time, BMW might not have expanded to the quaint city of Glendale. Not only are we proud, but we are grateful for the opportunity to thrive in what has become a globally interconnected nation leading the way in innovation.

To honor this day of national importance, we have brought our employees together in solidarity-just as the thirteen colonies once did. As our forefather's shared a meal in celebration of their independence, we have gathered to do the same. On top of Hot Dog On a Stick making its presence, each of our members contributed in the festivities. Whether it was home made cupcakes, or assisting in setup-we have collaboratively worked in the spirit of our nation's forefathers.

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