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Mothers Day

Wonder Women

There is no denying that mothers are the backbone of the household. Although delicate and feminine, mothers are the strongest people many of us have come across. Not only do they bring life in to this world, they dedicate their own lives to the difficult task of properly raising a child. Many mothers go so far as to neglect their own self care, for that of their family. What makes these women so special, is their extraordinary power to empathize. Children around the world remain dumbfounded by how skilled their mothers are at detecting when something is wrong. This is the tell-tale sign that your mother is a superwoman. Another commendable superpower that mothers possess is their detective skills. Although this may be rather annoying at times, it is only for the good and well-being of their offspring. The only weakness that these women have, is their inability to turn off how much they care. Yet this one flaw, is their defining feature.

The love of a mother is a feeling that comforts one to the core. It assures you that everything is going to be alright, and that there is someone always by your side. Unfortunately though, this unconditional love can be taken for granted because of its constant presence. Over time, their capes get dirty and frayed, and so they must be washed and repaired. Without this emblem to remind us of their greatness, we may forget how super they really are. To refresh our memories, we have dedicated this day to honor the women, and the extents they went to raise us.

Here at Pacific BMW, we appreciate everything that mothers do-especially the cooking. So to change things up, we decided to bring Monster Tacos Food Truck as a treat. Additionally, we provided our lovely mothers with flowers, balloons, and cupcakes as sweet as the women themselves.

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