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Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Bingo

Although Cinco de Mayo has evolved to have more significance in the United States than in Mexico, it nevertheless remains a day of great pride and feat. On this memorable day in history, Mexico defended their country from a French invasion at the Battle of Pueblo in 1862. Mexico had come to develop substantial foreign debt from European countries including the likes of: Spain, Britain, and France. In financial turmoil, President Benito Juárez was forced to default on his debts; consequently providing France with an opportunity to invade.

French General Charles Latrille de Lorencez, organized 6000 of his troops, supplied them with substantial artillery, and set out for the Mexican city of Puebla de Los Angeles. In response, Juárez gathered 2000 of his most loyal men and prepared them for a counter-attack. From sunrise to late afternoon, the two countries battled it out. Significantly outnumbered and out-resourced, the Mexican army prevailed with an impressive victory. Cinco de Mayo went down in history not for its battle strategy, but because of the hope and valor that was inspired into the Mexican people during this period of resistance.

Although Cinco de Mayo is still celebrated in Mexico, it has evolved to take on a new

meaning in the United States; especially in areas of condensed Mexican population. In America, this day has come to celebrate the dynamism of Mexican history, culture, and heritage. At Pacific BMW we are fortunate to be a part of this country, which happens to have one of the greatest Mexican populations. We are surrounded by the beauty and richness of this culture, from its cuisine to its impassioned perspective on life. At our own dealership, we have the enriching opportunity to learn, interact, and become a part of our Mexican employees heritage. So on this day, we honor not only the defeat of the French troops at the battle of Pueblo, but we celebrate the opportunity to share in the influence of Mexican culture.

To get our employees excited about the richness of this day, we decided to host a Cinco Bingo party, where the victor would win a piñata. After a period of great tension and high stakes, Henry Barsegyan won the coveted prize. As you can see from the excitement on his face, we take Cinco de Mayo very seriously here at Pacific BMW.

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