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  • By Paul Yeghiayan, BMW Product Genius

BMW Back to the Track Training in Austin, TX

I would like to thank BMWNA for the amazing experience I had in Austin, Texas. I would also like to thank Pacific BMW for giving my colleagues and I the opportunity to be a part of this training and being able to learn about the new BMW 5 series. As we arrive in Austin, we got settled into our rooms, and had an amazing BBQ with those that were joining the training. BMW held a meeting for us and those from different states that work for BMW in front of the hotel, where they had parked a brand new 5 series. Meeting the different BMW employees from different states was a great opportunity forming new friendships and hearing their experiences from their specific dealerships they work at. As the training carried on, we got the opportunity to drive multiple brand new 5 series’ back to the track. I couldn’t believe I was finally in a brand new 5 series! After pulling up to the track, the first thing we did was go on a hotlap with various professional F1 race car drivers. The way that the car was handling on the track was just breathtaking. We then moved on to the product geniuses driving the cars on the track. BMW had improved the speed and handling on the new 5 series. Next, they taught us about the new features and safety features of the car. After, we were able to get behind the wheel, we went over the safety feature called “Frontal Collision Warning”. We had to go straight reaching up to 35mph, and when we got close to the car, we had to let go of the gas and let the car roll. We finally reached the car, and the car automatically stopped and missed the other car by an inch. As the training came to an end, we drove back to the hotel to pack and check out. We then headed to the airport and patiently waited for our flight back to Los Angeles. Even though it was a short trip, that one day did me good. I was happy and content that I was able to join BMW in this amazing opportunity. I would also like to thank my managers for letting me go to this training and being able to learn about the new BMW 5 series.

Thank You,

Paul Yeghiayan

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