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State of the Union

This week, Pacific BMW had a dealership-wide training called “State of the union” by Lisa Johns, our business strategist. Lisa has been working with Pacific BMW as our dedicated trainer and consultant since 2014 . The main purpose of this gathering was to get all employees inspired and unified about our 2017 objectives. She highlighted Pacific BMW’s brand values of being Honest, Innovative, and Inviting. Lisa explained how these three values can contribute to a better guest experience and bring the promise of an attractive and enjoyable visit that can lead to client loyalty and retention. Employees were surprised and delighted with refreshments such as fresh fruits and milkshakes which were hand delivered by our interns from Hong-Kong.

Employees enjoyed themselves and got the chance to come together to do team-building activities and be reminded about our goal: how to contribute to our dealership's success by working more efficiently. We all agreed that the minute we step into the dealership we need to be at 100% and devise strategies to balance our priorities, as well as focus on problem-solving instead of complaining. Lisa led a few activities to help us get to know one another more and realize how important teamwork is and how a warm welcome can make a difference. Overall, it was a memorable experience where employees got to participate and get ready for a fruitful 2017.

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