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“What’s Your Story” BMW North America Competition

Did you say competition!? You better believe Pacific BMW is going to be in it! It took lots of preparation and employee involvement for our video to be made but no great video goes without recognition, unless it has Leonardo DiCaprio in it. We definitely got a glimpse of what it takes to produce a quality video but thanks to all our participants and talented staff we were able to create an amazing video.

Just to get a sneak peak of what we accomplished, here are some of the things that we did: create a storyboard; write a script; a song; staff an internal dance team and tap dancer; but most importantly produced an amazing 3-minute video about our dealership and how we became a “Be a Hello” dealership.

The title of our video is called “The Dream.” The concept behind the title was in the beginning it was an utopian dream about our dealership and how great it is but all the sudden the owner, David Ho, is awoken to realize that his perfect dealership was just a dream. After multiple negative encounters within colleagues and subordinates, David had seen enough and decided to make his dream of an amazing dealership into reality. Towards the end that is exactly what happens all thanks to the “Be a Hello” campaign that was incorporated.

You can see our video submission on YouTube at

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