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Welcome Aboard!

With a round of applause, Pacific BMW would like to welcome our new cohort of Dealership Trainees! This year’s program hopes to follow in the steps of last year’s revitalized program and build on top of its successes. With DT graduate Jesse Ceron leading them this year, the sky’s the limit!

While it’s always exciting to bring in new hires year round, the Dealership Trainee Program is truly one of a kind. In an exciting industry that often has obstacles for outsiders, Pacific BMW opens its doors with this amazing program that is designed to teach Trainees as much as possible about the ins and outs of a dealership. Each trainee will be rotated through the four departments- from Administration, Sales, Service and Parts- to ensure that they learn as much as possible about the dealership processes and its programs.

The end goal of the program is to create leaders and bring together the dealership, with well-rounded Trainees strengthening the interconnectivity of all our departments along the way.

With hands on training in every department and mentors to help you every step of the way, there is no doubt that with a little teamwork, we’ll soon see a group of rising stars in the Pacific BMW family.

Welcome and best of luck to our new Dealership Trainees. Here’s to a great year, we look forward to growing with you!

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