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Holiday Party

Month of December is a magical time of year at Pacific BMW. The dealership is decorated with strands of garland, stockings, wreaths, and of course a giant tree in the showroom. Besides just decorating, the employees get to celebrate the holidays the best way they know how; with a party!

The day of the Holiday Luncheon, employees are given an opportunity to get away and enjoy the company of their coworkers. When they arrived at the party, they were gifted a bag and a new Pacific BMW polo. If employees wanted to take a picture before they got their food, there was a photo booth that was designed and set up by the dealership trainees.

This year lunch was catered from Stonefire Grill. Let it be known that the food was amazing. The meal consisted of mashed potatoes, salad, chicken, tri-tip, and breadsticks. While eating, carolers came and sang, giving us the ambience of the holiday spirit. The carolers not only sang at the lunch, but they also walked all around the dealership, singing to the different departments.

Though this was a holiday lunch, that did not stop the competitive juices from flowing. There were games that were played that pitted coworkers against each other. One of the games played was to simply open up a wrapped present. The catch to it was the players had to wear mittens, making it very difficult to rip off the wrapping paper. After many failed attempts, the winner of this game was Geronimo Santiago who is a File Clerk. He won a new speaker. The next game was musical chairs. Eleven people entered, but only one person could win. Maxwell Collins, after using a questionable strategy, won the game of musical chairs and earned himself a BMW backpack and $250. He represented the dealership trainees well. The last game played, was not much of a game as it was an educated guess. Everyone was given the opportunity to guess how many Hershey kisses were in a container. Randy Rodriguez, who is one of our service technicians, won by guessing that there was 1100 kisses, when there was 1113 inside the container. For his prize he was given the container of Hershey kisses to take home.

There was also a raffle on the day of the Holiday Luncheon. 3rd place went to Eddie Bautista, a product genius, who won a signed basketball from D'angelo Russell. 2nd place went to Louie Villalino, who works in the parts department, and he won an Applewatch. Finally, 1st place went to Randy Rodriguez who won his second prize of the day which was a new 50’ TV.

The day of the Holiday party we also celebrated the Owner/CEO David Ho’s birthday. We had a very large cake and all sang him happy birthday. As a gift Mr. Ho received a painting created by on of our guest experience ambassadors, Nelli Abgaryan. The canvas was covered with messages and signatures from the many employees that work in the dealership.

It really was another fantastic day at Pacific BMW.

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