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Great Beginnings...

What better way to reward our employees in the beginning of the year for all their hard work and dedication than with a barbeque!

With the sight of smoke in the distance and the smell of a fiesta close by…

the after-sales management team had started up the grills nearby…

Carne asada and chicken oh my!

Endless sides of rice, beans, cheese, tortilla, chips, salsa, and drinks.

The spicy salsa made me want to cry. lol

The look on the employees was pure joy and blinks (due to the smoke).

But the managers did handle the grill, like what a thrill!

On the other hand, the parts department had their hands tied

with a big purchase order in the month of December.

It was definitely a challenge department wide!

Because of this the team was taken to a Brazilian steakhouse dinner.

What a day to remember!

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