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April Giveaways

Pacific BMW doesn't stay behind when it comes

to sporting events.

Every year we invite our employees to pick up their March Madness bracket to join the challenge of guessing who will be the winning teams.

The grand prize this year was a pair of tickets to Lakers vs Timberwolves. Rene Ramirez, from our Concierge team, was our lucky winner out of 30 people who participated. He guessed 63 winnings out of 67 games in the tournament.

Way to go!

On another note, our People Operations did a random raffle on Friday 4/13. Forget the unlucky day superstition rumors! For only $5, employees could buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Nationals vs Dodgers at the BMW Club Suites at Dodgers Stadium.

Jonas Niles from our Technology team bought a single raffle ticket and won! So lucky!

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