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You are appreciated!

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Pacific BMW celebrates Employee Appreciation Day every year. This time around, People Operations provided some fresh fruit yogurt to our sales and service teams to thank them for their hard work. We were glad to see our employee enjoy it a lot.

After that, we also kicked off spirit week to gel our family together and build up team spirit. Everybody was excited about the event. There were different themes for each day. We gave out sweets every day to all employees who dressed up according to the theme of the day.

Monday, March 25th - Green Polo Day (Burgundy polos are acceptable)

Tuesday, March 26th - Athletes & Mathletes Day (Dress up as a jock or nerd)

Wednesday, March 27th - Pattern Day (Dress up in stripes, polka dots, etc.)

Thursday, March 28th - Hat Day (Wear a regular or crazy hat)

Friday, March 29th - Global Day (Wear something from your culture/background)

For the global day, we bought a variety of snacks from different countries to share with employees.

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