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Hello May

"My heart wants to sing and sigh like a chime that flies, from a church on a breeze." The warmer breeze of May marked the arrival of a series of events in Pacific BMW.

As part of the Dealership’s plan for employee’s benefits, we invited taco trucks from King Taco on May 5th, which is better known as Cinco de Mayo. Employees could enjoy delicious Mexican dishes with multiple choices during lunchtime.

Apart from the tacos, we also prepared the Cinco de Mayo Bingo for our employees to participate in. Oscar Garcia, one of our key employees in the Workshop, won the championship and got a pair of Dodger Tickets as the prize.


On the following week, we embraced the universal Mother's Day on May 12th. The administration team gave out beautiful flowers to all working mothers on site.

On this special Sunday, it is more than important to pay our tributes to our working mothers, for their dedication to both their families and careers. Wish them the best!

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