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A Day with Tai Chi

Moving to the Roof Parking Lot of the Dealership, a group of our employees were practicing Tai Chi, an internal Chinese martial art.

Employees' physical and mental well-being has always been one of the top concerns of Pacific BMW. Having arranged a series of successful wellness events, we invited a professional instructor to tutor Tai Chi this time.

As a proud tradition of China and its oriental culture, Tai Chi and its positive effects on body health has long been appreciated by Chinese people. Nowadays, more and more people all around the world get to know and practice Tai Chi as well.

Tai Chi involves a series of gentle and focused body movements accompanied by deep breaths. One significant feature of this exercise is its non-competitive nature; it is self-paced, requires no more than a standing place and is easy to start with.

Most movements of Tai Chi assemble animal behaviors. Therefore, it puts only minimal stress on body muscles and is friendly to all age and fitness levels. The nice stretching it provides help our employees to refresh themselves, and feel better-prepared to put their passion back to work.

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