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Eat for July 4th

July 4th marked the start of our 8th Annual Eating Contest at Pacific BMW.

For this year, we provided apple pies for our nine participating candidates. Whoever ate most within 2 minutes could win the contest.

With Alicia, the Director of Administration, commencing the start of the competition, all candidates drilled their faces to the pies.The two minutes of the event might be the longest two minutes for not only candidates, but also everybody else. The competition was funny but very intense! Everyone cheering on their favorite contestant!

We also invited Hot Dog On A Stick to come to the demo lot, to prepare fresh cheese and beef hot dogs and drinks for our employees.

Eventually, Jonathan Jimenez claimed to be the winner of the contest. He received a pair of Disneyland tickets as the prize. The rest of the participants received Good job medals.

Happy Birthday America! Wish everyone the best!

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