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Father's Day and Papa's Retirement

Moving on to the hazy days of the June Gloom, the Dealership was lit up by the sugar-colored balloons on June 16th.

In celebration of Father's Day, we gave out BMW tailored-made wooden boxes, containing beverages and BMW souvenirs, to our customers and employees who themselves are proud fathers. We wish every father a very happy Father's Day!


Soon after the Father’s Day, we arranged a party to wish a very happy birthday to Peter Campbell, better known as "Papa", who had been with Pacific BMW for 37 years ever since our start in 1982. Recently he made his decision of retirement, yet his epic stories will stay with us forever.

Within one hour of preparation, we turned the Roof Parking Lot to the beach of Jamaica, where Papa comes from and would eventually retire to.

The Photo Booth was decorated with the Jamaican National Flag colors -- yellow, green and black. All employees were welcomed to take their own photos in Jamaica!

We partied, celebrated and cheered, along with the beautiful music piece from Robin Williams, Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Dancing to the melody, we bid Papa farewell and a very happy retirement in his home country.

Farewell Papa. Yuh wi be miss!

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