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Armenia Fundraiser

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Every Armenian that lives outside their homeland is closely involved with what's happening overseas and for those living in the United States, they are not an exception. Being a business in Glendale, Pacific BMW is right in the heart of the Armenian community. Given the current climate with the war, we wanted to be able to help in any possible way. Ray D. from our Finance Department encouraged everyone to start a fundraiser to relieve some of the stress that Armani and Artsakh are going through during these tough times. Pacific BMW employees rose up to the challenge and held our most successful fundraiser ever!

The total money donated by employees was $61,579.57 plus Pacific BMW match of $61,579.57, we donated a total amount of $123,159.14 to the Armenia Fund non-profit organization. The fundraiser was organized to help provide humanitarian, civilian & medical relief to Artsakh and help the people of Armenia and Karabagh during the ongoing war in the region right now. We are very proud of all employees for participating and our owner David Ho for matching the donations. Thank you everyone for your amazing generosity!

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