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New Employee Spotlight

With close to 200 employees, including hybrid and remote workers, sometimes it is hard to keep up with what's going on in other departments and know who is who. We are now shining a light on what we do in different departments of the business by introducing Employee Spotlight.

Meet Jennifer Tran

Business Development & Loyalty Center Manager for After-Sales

  • How long have you been with the company? 3 years & 2 months

  • What does your job entail? I have a team of 6 BDLC reps who answer and make calls to keep our service drive flowing with appointments & business.

  • Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today? No one. I actually found my first dealership job on craigslist! I was tired of working in the mall and wanted something more stable and something that would lead to a career. I was applying to random jobs I had no experience in and I was able to land my first BDC sales job at Mercedes Benz. - I did terribly btw.

  • What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career in the automotive industry? The best advice I can give is ask alot of questions & really learn the brand you're working for. The more you know and learn the further your career will take you.

  • What are the toughest challenges you’ve had at work? Some of the toughest challenges would be the changes. Whether it's a system change, changing a process of something that's never fun. No one likes changes but they are inevitable and you just learn to adapt.

  • When you are at work, how do you motivate yourself? I love what I do so it doesn't take a lot to motivate me, I start everyday knowing what I have to do and get to it.

  • Describe some of the challenges you have faced at this company. How did you overcome them? Some of the challenges I had to face with this company was when covid hit. I was new here. I was in the process of still learning about the brand, my job duties and also still needed to hire 2 more reps on my team. I only worked here for about 2 months before my team and I got sent to work from home. I was unsure how everything would work since I had a team to run and I was unable to see them. It all worked out and the #1 thing that helped me successfully run my team working from home is " COMMUNICATION" that is all. My team and I communicate all day via group chat & messaging.

  • Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company? Sal for sure! He just gets it.He is very knowledgeable in this business. He always looks at all corners and understands everything from A-Z. He's very smart to me lol

  • How have you grown professionally while on our team? I've learned a lot of patience. I have learned everyone in each position has their own stress and goals. Since being here I try to be a team player. Anything that anyone needs help with I am willing to learn and help with.

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